EHS ACT Benchmark Exemption Policy

Enterprise High School ACT Benchmark Exemption Policy


During the 2023-2024 school year, senior students who benchmark on the Enterprise HS administration of the ACT during their junior year (March 14, 2023) will earn a Final Exam exemption for each core content area in which they benchmark.  A student benchmarking in English may exempt English, a student benchmarking in Mathematics may exempt Mathematics, a student benchmarking in Reading may exempt Social Studies, and a student benchmarking in Science may exempt Science. Exceptions to this earned exemption:


1. ACCESS - Students taking ACCESS courses are required to take the Final Exam per ACCESS.

2. Advanced Placement courses - Students taking AP courses are required to take the AP Exam or the Final Exam.

3. Dual Enrollment Courses - Students taking DE courses take Final Exams under the parameters set by the Community College awarding the college credit.


Benchmark Scores for each subject area are as follows:

English: 18

Mathematics: 22

Reading: 22

Science: 23