ECTC Transportation Information

Do you have a class at Enterprise Career and Technology Center (ECTC)?

ECTC is a satellite campus of EHS.  ECTC is located at 605 West College Street.


How do I know if I have a class at Enterprise Career and Technology Center? 

                On your schedule, if the room number starts with CT (ex. CT29) your class is at ECTC.

How do I get to ECTC?

                If you drive a car to school and your parents approve of you driving yourself from EHS to ECTC, you may drive.  Drivers must park in the dirt parking lot behind ECTC.  From EHS, take S. Main Street to the Boll Weevil Monument. Turn right at the Boll Weevil on West College Street. Turn left on Doster Street and then right on Simmons Street.  The dirt parking lot is on the left behind ECTC. 

If you don’t drive or wish to save gas, there is bus transportation to ECTC at the beginning and end of each block.   You will catch the bus in the bus loop behind the gyms at EHS.  From the Wildcat in the floor in the Activities building, walk toward the ROTC and Agriscience classrooms. The bus loop will be on your right, right before the ROTC and Agriscience Classrooms.

What do I do about lunch if I have ECTC 3rd block?

                Students who have ECTC 3rd block will eat 1st lunch at EHS.  As soon as the bell rings to end 1st lunch (11:35), proceed to the bus loading area. 

What do I do if I have back to back classes at ECTC?

                You are welcome to stay at ECTC if you have back to back classes. Student are allowed to assemble in Room 13 at ECTC between classes.  However, if you have 2nd and 3rd block at ECTC and wish to stay through, you must bring a lunch as there is no lunchroom at ECTC. 

If I have first block at ECTC, can my parents drop me off at ECTC?

                Absolutely!  The traffic is not nearly as heavy at ECTC. Parents are asked to drop students off at the road  and not in the driveway. The driveway is reserved for bus traffic.

If I have fourth block at ECTC, can my parents pick me up at ECTC?

                Absolutely!  Just have them park on West College Street and not in the driveway to stay out of the way of the buses. 

Can I check in and out at ECTC?

                Absolutely!  You can check into school and out of school just like at Enterprise High School. So, if you are late to a class at ECTC, have your parents drop you off at ECTC to avoid missing class time.

What happens if I miss the bus from EHS to ECTC?

                If you miss the bus, you should report to the front office at EHS.  You will be given a tardy and asked to report to the In School Suspension Room for that class period.  Missing the bus more than once will result in parent notification and possible disciplinary action. 

Class times at ECTC:

1st block:  8:00-9:15

2nd block:  9:45-11:00

3rd block:  11:50-1:05

4th block:  1:35-2:50