Drop-off and Pick-up Traffic Flow

The Enterprise High School faculty and staff are very excited about the 2020-2021 school year.  We would like to take this opportunity to explain the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up traffic flow patterns on the EHS campus.   The road in front of the high school will be one way only.  The primary parent drop off/pickup area is in the front of the Academic Building.  We ask that you use the bypass entrance from Boll Weevil Circle when entering and exiting.  There will be a set of red lines in this area that will create a lane for vehicles to exit.  Please do not park in this lane, as it will block exiting traffic.  The secondary parent drop-off/pick-up area is in front of the Performing Arts Center of the Activities Building.  When using this area, enter and exit from the Main Street entrance.  When exiting the campus you should exit the same way that you entered.  There should be no parking or drop-off/pick-up along curbs or turn lanes, other than the designated areas on the EHS campus.  The road in between Wildcat Stadium and the school building will be blocked off for parking and thru traffic.  There is a map of campus traffic patterns at the top of this announcement.   It may take the first couple of days for individuals to become accustomed with this procedure. We are asking for everyone to please be patient.  We look forward to a great year.  Go cats!

Click here for traffic flow map