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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Science Troy State University at Dothan, 1998 Special Education Varying Exceptionalities

Mrs. Stacey Graham

I am originally from Enterprise, Alabama in which I graduated from EHS in 1990.   I then went to Enterprise State Junior College for 2 years and Troy State University in Dothan, where I majored in Special Education I then taught in Alabama for 3 years, before my husband and I moved to Tampa, Florida for 6 years. In the summer of 2007 I moved back to Alabama to help care for my father who was ill and worked one year in Dothan City Schools.  I then came to Enterprise City Schools to work at Coppinville Junior High School and now at Rucker Blvd. Elementary School.  My husband and I have one son Seth Michael who is 13 years old and loves to play baseball.  We also have the most adorable puppy named Tucker.  We also love Alabama football.....Roll Tide Roll!!!

      My teaching philosophy comes from my own experience throughout my life.  A teacher must have a plan of action of which each day will bring to his/her class.  A teacher should show order to let the know who is in charge and this also gives the students a balanced life style that they may not see or get anywhere else.  Lastly, a teacher must be willing to go the extra length to help the students in which they will make a long lasting impact.  Being a good teacher also includes recognizing each students' individual needs and knowing that they are all different.

      A set plan of action for each day keeps a classroom in order.  In some cases, some students may never see balance or stability at home.  When students arrive to school everyday it is important that they know what is going to take place that day.  If a child is aware of what is going on that day, then they are less likely to be nervous and unsure and more likely to be prepared and participate in something more challenging.  It is great to show a child balance and stability in their everyday lives.

      Every child is different and has needs that must be met.  A teacher takes on the role, as well as, the responsibility of recognizing these diverse needs and fulfilling them as best as he/she can.  Some needs are as simple as a math or English problem.  However, some needs may be more so than others such as, "Why don't I have both a mommy and a daddy?"  A teacher must be prepared to help his/her student no matter what the issue is.

      A teacher must make his/her self available inside and outside of class.  It is vital that a child knows he/she has a place to go when they have a problem.  Whether a child has a homework problem or a problem at home, a teacher should always be ready.  There are many children that do not have parents/guardians at home that are helpful when it comes to academics.  Therefore, an educator must work with the student to ensure him/her succeed successfully on their academics.  A teacher must be willing to spend time outside of his/her classroom.

      A teacher is a very special person, who makes huge impacts in many student's lives, inside and outside of the classroom.  In order to make a difference, educationalists must show order, recognize individual needs, and go the extra length.  As a classroom instructor, these things are very important and helpful in my classroom.