Student Growth Track Program

  • Create your path to success one step at a time!



    • Take notes in class
    • Stay organized
    • Complete 1-2 assignments for each course DAILY
      Be a “teachable teen” by listening to your teachers
    • Get caught up in your classes
    • Take home your weekly Progress Report and bring it back signed
    • Review your promotion or graduation track with Mr. Barkley


    • Show up & Stay awake!
    • No disciplinary issues in TAP
    • Complete your 3rd Millennium Courses
      Develop new positive  ways of handling tough situations and problems
    • Work with Mrs. Beckham to get a mentor/positive influence at your home school


    • Complete your KUDER Career Assessment
    • Apply to 5 locations for a job
    • Become active in weekly activity, extracurricular activity, or hobby
    • Shadow a professional in your career goal
    • Keep weekly journal notes of your progress