Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Elaine Carter

Greetings and Welcome to 7th Grade Civics and Greography!

 I am Ms. Elaine Carter and am very passionate about teaching your child social studies. Tuskegee University is my Alma Mata. My experiences there have successfully navigated my tenure in teaching. Next to family, teaching is my second love. I have two sons who are West Point Graduates and one daughter who graduated from University of Alabama at Huntsville. They are all engineers. My furbaby, Buddy, is pretty important too.

We have many goals to accomplish during the school year. My plan is to offer parents and students a rich array of course offerings and opportunities. We will accomplish this through rigorous instruction, schoolwork, schoology learning experiences, and educational expectation that are academically, intellectual and personal challenging.

We will focus on explicit teaching behaviors designed in CHAMPS Classroom Management Program to achieve these goals. I have a great passion and enthusiasm for teaching. It is exciting to work with middle school students as they seek to figure out who they are, what their place is in society, and how to excel in their endeavors. In doing so, every day is an adventure. I hope that my students will leave my class with skills and curiosity required to question everything and think critically in their daily lives.

Again, Welcome to Civics and Geography with Ms. Carter and a Brand-New School Year at Dauphin Jr. High School.

Let's get started! Go Fins!