• Guardians and Students,

         Welcome to Coppinville Jr. High.  I am Mrs. Karen Davis and I have the honor of being your math teacher this year!  My hope and prayer are that we all work hard and build our confidence in math.  A good work ethic will serve you the rest of your life.  I have taught every grade level and almost every math subject, so I know that the mathematics students learn in their 7th and 8th grades are vital for their future success.  You are preparing for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and thanks to the state department 😊, at least one more math before you graduate.  These basics are what you will use whether you continue your education after high school or join the workforce or both!

         You will be receiving a lot of information at the beginning of school and it may be confusing.  However, if you have any questions, I will be happy to help.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does.  Please feel free to contact me through school email, or the school office.  My email address is kdavis@enterpriseschools.net.  More information about the class and myself is found on my faculty page on the school website.  For parent/student-friendly lesson plans, click on the Calendar Page.  Here’s to a great school year!  Go Eagles!


    Pencils (work written in pen will not be accepted)                      

    Loose leaf paper/binder, spiral notebook, or composition notebook (Basically, paper!)

    Scientific calculators (7th grade will not be allowed to use one until the 2nd nine weeks). I do have a class set of TI-30XIIS.  Students are encouraged to purchase their own calculators in order to have one available outside of the classroom.  Keep the instructions!   



    Student textbooks will not be assigned.  There is a class set in my room, chapters on Schoology, and instructions on how to go to the textbook website on my faculty page.  Students may be able to check a math textbook out of the school library.




    Grading Procedures ( note taking/classwork/homework is expected and required)

    Tests – 60%

    Daily – 40%

    Grades will be posted in PowerSchool weekly. An NHI means “not handed in” and CAN NOT be made up.  An AB means “absent” and CAN be made up.  Both of these are being averaged in as zeroes. 


    Classroom Rules/Tips for Success                                   

      1.  Arrive to class on time with work/supplies

     2.   Look for and follow any posted instructions

      3.  Follow directions and do your best (If you are having a bad day, tell me!)

      4.  Voice Level 0 during announcements and instruction

      5.  Teacher dismisses the class

      6.  Treat others as you would like to be treated (The Golden Rule!)

      7.  Follow all student handbook policies.


         Daily work will not be accepted late.  Most classroom assignments turn into homework assignments if not completed in class.  If you are absent the next day after an assignment is given, turn it in on the day of your return.  If you are absent, we will work together to get you caught up.  School policy states students have 5 days to make up assignments.  Try not to be absent on a test day.  Making it up in class will cost you instructional time.  We will figure out something!

         All work must have a first/last name, date, class period, and assignment information. Assignments should be completed in the most organized and neatest fashion possible.  If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it or help you.  The problem must be written and work must be shown.  I’ll know when it is necessary or not, just follow directions.  Most importantly, ask for help.







    Please fill in, sign, and return to your math teacher (Karen Davis).  By signing, I indicate that I have read and understood the math guidelines.  

    If you give me an email address please write legibly.  Thank you, and keep the letter for your records.


    Student First and Last Name (printed)   __________________________________


    Math Period Number __________



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    Parent signature/date                                             Student signature/date


    Email address(es)



    Phone number(s)



    Student Activities (I would love to go watch you do what you love!)