• How to log in to Schoology from home - 

    • Go the EEEC Website - https://www.enterpriseschools.net/Domain/9

    • Go to the FOR STUDENTS Tab - Scroll down & click on Schoology (you cannot go to Schoology.com)

      You will sign in with your school email address


      Password is the first 2 letters of your first name first 2 letters of your last name your birth month and day.  For example:

      Cassie Hancock  May 1
      Caha0501 would be my password

      You will also need to connect your Google Drive with your Schoology Account. 
      When you get into Schoology you will need to go to -
      • Resources at the top of the page
      • Apps on the left side of the page
      • Install Apps 
      • Google Drive Resource App 
      • Download it & allow it to connect to your drive & access your drive (you may have to sign in to your school email account again to do this)
      If you cannot access a Google Doc or Slide you may need to go back into your apps and make sure it is still connected to your Google Drive.  It will disconnect itself sometimes.

    To log into NoRedInk at home you will need to
    1 - Go to the Google search page and if someone in the family is logged in the student will need to add their account. 
    Click on the circle in the top right corner and add an account or log the person that is logged in out.
    They will log in with their school e-mail account which is their S#    (S123456@enterprisestudents.net)
    Their password is the first two letters of their first name the first two letters of their last name and birth month and day. 
    Example:  Cassie Hancock  Birthday January 1st             CaHa0101