• Go the Harrand Creek Website - https://www.enterpriseschools.net/harrandcreek


    Go to the FOR STUDENTS Tab - Scroll down & click on Schoology (you cannot go to Schoology.com)


    You will sign in with your school email address 




    Password is first 2 letters of your first name first 2 letters of your last name your birth month and day.  For example:


    Cassie Hancock  May 1

    Caha0501 would be my password


    You will also need to connect your Google Drive with your Schoology Account.  

    When you get into Schoology you will need to go to -

    • Resources at the top of the page
    • Apps on the left side of the page
    • Install Apps 
    • Google Drive Resource App 
    • Download it & allow it to connect to your drive & access your drive (you may have to sign in to your school email account again to do this)


    If you cannot access a Google Doc or Slide you may need to go back into your apps and make sure it is still connected to your Google Drive.  It will disconnect itself sometimes.