• Meet our Staff


     At EHS, our guidance office is staffed with one counselor for each grade level, a College & Career Counselor, a Career Coach, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Registrar, and a Secretary.  Additionally, our Enterprise Career & Technical Center (ECTC) also has their own counselor. To speak with a counselor, please either call the Guidance Office at (334) 347-2640 or email the counselor directly. 

    12th grade- Mrs. Adonna Meeks- ameeks@enterpriseschools.net

    11th grade- Mrs. Holly Lane- hlane@enterpriseschools.net

    10th grade- Mrs. Brooke Cavanaugh-bcavanaugh@enterpriseschools.net

    9th grade- Mrs. Jennifer Ramirez- jramirez@enterpriseschools.net

    College & Career Counselor- Ms. Christy Hogan- chogan@enterpriseschools.net

    Career Coach- Angela Brockman- abrockman@enterpriseschools.net

    LPC- Ali Saxon- msaxon@enterpriseschools.net

    Registrar- Sabine Kutschat- skutschat@enterpriseschools.net

    Guidance Secretary- Hayden Waters- hwaters@enterpriseschools.net

    ECTC Counselor- Sherry Fitzpatrick- sfitzpatrick@enterpriseschools.net


    Mrs. Meeks is 12th grade counselor. She is responsible for coordinating all guidance activities, to include assisting the curriculum assistant principal with the master schedule.  She maintains senior class records and does at risk senior counseling.  Additionally, she plans and coordinates spring registration at Enterprise High School and for the junior high schools. 

    Mrs. Lane is the 11th grade counselor.  Besides handling personal/social, crisis, and academic counseling for 11th graders, Mrs. Lane coordinates ESL services for our students. She also assists with online learning through the State of Alabama's learning platform called ACCESS.

    Mrs. Cavanaugh works with 10th grade students and assists students with 504 plans. 

    Mrs. Ramirez provides counseling and guidance to 9th grade students.  She also handles RTI, special education paperwork, and is the sponsor for Student 2 Student. 

    Ms. Hogan is our College & Career Counselor and is housed in the College & Career Center on the first floor.  She will be glad to help with college admissions, registering for the ACT, filing the FAFSA, scholarships, and anything else related to life after high school.  The College & Career Center also maintains an e-mail distribution list of parents and students that would like updates emailed to them.  If you would like to be added to this list, email collegeandcareer@enterpriseschools.net.  In the subject line, type "add to scholarship list" and indicate the student's name and grade.

    Mrs. Brockman, our Career Coach, divides her time between the EHS and ECTC campuses.  She provides career development guidance for our students.  Mrs. Brockman encourages students to explore career options, helps them make a plan to pursue a career, and assists students in choosing classes and high school experiences that will pave the pathway to achieving their goals.  Mrs. Brockman is a great resource for students when choosing classes, completing job applications, submitting college admission packets, or researching financial aid options.  Mrs. Brockman also conducts public relations efforts to promote our Career and Technical programs at EHS and ECTC.  She interacts with our regional workforce to foster communication between education and business and industry.  

    Mrs. Ali Saxon is a Licensed Professional Counselor who serves Enterprise City Schools.  She is on the EHS campus on Mondays and Fridays.  

    Mrs. Kutschat fills transcript requests and education verifications, transfers and receives student records, and processes all student withdrawals. 

    Mrs. Waters greets visitors, schedules conferences, and requests assignments.  She also receives transcript requests and educational verifications. 

    Ms. Fitzpatrick is the counselor at the Enterprise Career Technical Center (ECTC) Campus.  


    Just what is a School Counselor??

    Parents, the press, administrators and the general public often wonder just what it is that school counselors do on a daily basis. Gone are the days of school counselors sitting in their office simply handing out college applications, making schedule changes for students who want to drop a class or waiting for a crisis to occur. Today's school counselors are vital members of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/emotional development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. 
    The role of the School Counselor is one of support, collaboration, leadership and advocacy. We value each person's unique qualities and provide positive solutions to situations. Communication and compassion  are the goals of the School Counselors in working with parents, students, staff, and administrators. All aspects of academic assistance are provided after reviewing all data available to determine student's academic progress. We address these student needs through individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, crisis counseling, and providing resources to our community.