• Work-Based Learning (CO-OP) 

    The Work-Based Learning  program at EHS provides students the opportunity to evaluate and develop a career plan and update a career portfolio with work experience. Students are dismissed early from the school to work in local businesses and schools. Positions are earned through job interviews. Students must work a minimum number of hours per week and are required to keep a record of hours worked. Students must provide their own transportation. 

    Courses - course description here (see pg. 71)    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IOnh1Mi_5YQOAwJG_lRBFwctnioZ8KMp/view

    Current Application - 

    • will be posted here (along with DUE DATE) when available



    • 70+ industry partnerships help students gain work experience
    • 61,000+ student hours worked in our surrounding community 
    • $3.1 million economic impact since 2018