• Agriscience 

    Agriscience courses at EHS utilize classroom instruction, labaratory projects, and onsite visits to introduce students to career possibilities in the field of agriculture, food, and natural resources. Courses in Agriscience Education emphasize Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through FFA activities integrated into classroom instruction. 

    Courses - course descriptions here (see pg. 45-47)    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IOnh1Mi_5YQOAwJG_lRBFwctnioZ8KMp/view

    • Agriscience 
    • Horticulture 
    • Greenhouse Production and Management
    • Animal Science 
    • Forestry 

    AgriScience VIDEO

    Industry-Recognized Certifications                                                

    • NCCER Core 
    • Beef Quality Assurance 

    CTSO (Career Tech Student Organization) - FFA                FFA logo

    Students taking Agrisicence courses are encouraged to join our CTSO, FFA.  Students in FFA participate in community  projects such as growing and displaying the plants along Main Street.  Students also have the opportunity to travel to state conventions to collaborate with, and compete against, other FFA students in Alabama.