• Graphic Arts 

    Graphic Arts students at ECTC learn design fundamentals, principles, and industry-standard software skills in digital design within the Adobe suite of software. The Graphic Arts program is also an Adobe Authorized Testing Center, where students can obtain their Adobe Certified Professional certification in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Whether their goal is post-secondary education or entering the workforce directly, Adobe certifications help them prove their skills and knowledge and gain the recognition they deserve.

    Graphic Arts encompass a wide range of visual artistic disciplines, both traditional and digital, involving the creation, manipulation, and arrangement of images, text, and other visual elements. Graphic Arts involves using colors, shapes, lines, textures, and typography to communicate messages and create visually appealing compositions. Graphic artists or designers utilize software tools to create engaging designs for mediums such as print, digital media, advertising, packaging, web design, and more. With its importance in advertising, marketing, publishing, and entertainment, graphic arts continually adapt to new technologies and design trends, allowing artists to explore innovative approaches to visual storytelling and creative expression. 

    Courses   For course descriptions, view the current Curriculum Guide, which can be found on our Guidance page, HERE     

    • Introduction to Graphic Arts
    • Digital File Prep
    • Advanced Digital File Preparation and Output 
    • Graphic Arts Lab 

    Graphic Arts VIDEO

    Industry-Recognized Certifications

    • Adobe® Certified Professional - InDesign

    • Adobe® Certified Professional - Illustrator

    • Adobe® Certified Professional - Photoshop

    Skills USA logo CTSO (Career Tech Student Organization) 

    Students taking Graphic Arts courses become members and get involved in our CTSO, SkillsUSA. Members participate in community service projects, fundraising activities, leadership opportunities, and have the opportunity to travel to state and national conventions to collaborate with and compete against other SkillsUSA students in Alabama and across the nation.