• Health and Safety Tips from the Nurse 

    The nurses with Enterprise City Schools are looking forward to seeing your children this upcoming school year. We know you, like many parents, have concerns about the health and safety of your child while they are at school. We encourage you to call your school nurse should you have any questions. Below, you will find important information that will help us prepare for the 2020-2021 school year and keep everyone healthy.

    Before school starts, we are asking parents to complete and drop off a health assessment record, especially if your child has a chronic health condition that puts them at higher risk for serious illness. This will allow your school nurse extra time to develop a plan for their safety. You may place this form in the locked drop box outside of your child’s school or, if your child’s school does not have a dropbox, you may give it to the receptionist at the front desk and ask her to put it in the school nurse’s mailbox. 

    Prescribed medications that your child needs at school, should be dropped off with the school nurse on August 5th by appointment only. This process is to ensure your safety by reducing the number of people gathered in one area. To schedule an appointment, please call the main office of your child’s school. When you arrive for your appointment please call the office, give them a good contact number and remain in your car. The school nurse will call you to let you know where she will meet you for your appointment. 

    The school medication form (PPA) and health assessment record can both be found online here Health Services / Document Uploads or at each school. 

    If it is possible, please consider giving medications that are prescribed to your child, to be taken in the morning, at home.   

    We are not accepting over the counter (OTC) medications for routine ailments during this pandemic as most symptoms like headache, body aches, diarrhea, etc. are possible signs of COVID-19 and should not be masked (covered up) with the use of OTC medication. We will only take OTC medications that are prescribed by a health care provider for things such as anaphylaxis, migraine headaches, a recent surgery/injury, etc. and they must be accompanied by the proper documentation (see below). 

    Before bringing medication, please ensure the following steps are completed:

    • Call your child’s school to make an appointment with the nurse (see instructions above).

    • Bring a Provider/Parent authorization (PPA) form for each medication you are bringing in for your child and ensure that it is filled out by your child’s health care provider completely (Name, DOB, the reason for taking medication (diagnosis), dosage, etc.) and signed by you, the parent or guardian. 

    • Check the expiration date on all medication labels. For prescription bottles, be sure the date on the pharmacy label is not older than one calendar year. For prescribed OTC medications, the expiration date must be on the unopened container. 

    Please provide good home, cell, and work numbers for each contact you list for your child. Should your child exhibit any concerning signs or symptoms of illness, they will need to be picked up within one hour of being notified by the school nurse. 

    It is imperative for parents to monitor their child's health at home. We request for you to take your child's temperature at home before putting them on the bus or dropping them off at school. 

    We want to thank you for working with us during this pandemic to ensure the health and safety of each student. We look forward to an amazing year!