• Welcome to 8th Grade Advanced English Language Arts

    This course is designed to provide a more in depth experience and preparation for high school courses.  In order to prepare for the start of the new school year, I ask that you thoroughly read this handout. The due date for your project and essay is the SECOND DAY OF CLASS.  This will NOT be accepted LATE or INCOMPLETE. All assignments must be your original work (avoid plagiarism). Additionally, any sharing of information (i.e. cheating) will result in a grade of zero for the assignment.  If you have difficulty with any section, please feel free to email me or post a question in google classroom.


    SUMMER READING LIST: Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson

    Touching Spirit Bear (amazon.com)

    You will need to purchase this book or check it out from the library. CJHS will have a limited quantity available for purchase at the end of the school year for $5.00 or you can order a copy online.

    Google Classroom: Join the google classroom set-up for future Pre-AP students.

    Class Code: yul5nf2

    Class Name: Future Pre-AP 8 ELA 2020-2021

    INTERNET: You will need to have regular access to the internet in order to complete each assignment.

    Guided Reading: A suggested reading/project calendar, located under Forms on my webpage, and posted on google classroom with help guide you throughout the summer. This calendar is only a suggestion to help you meet your deadlines.



    Composition Notebook

    3 Ring Binder

    Sticky Notes

    Index Cards

    Highlighters (yellow, green, blue)

    Pens (black or blue)


    Wide Ruled Notebook Paper



    **Honors students must pruchase thier own copy of the novel we will read, The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

    The Outsiders (amazon.com)


    Some ways to prepare for 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts:


    • Read.  Stay up on your reading using the Suggested Reading Guide.
    • Write. Jot notes to assist with comprehension and prepare for the writing assignment.
    • Collaborate. Actively participate on the class Instagram postings and comments.  Do you have a question? Post it on our Google Classroom.



    **Please Note:

    -If you do not complete either of the assignments, you will recieve the grade of a ZERO. If a student decides, after the start of the school year, to drop to a General Educaton level class, it must be approved by administration. Any grades earned, including the summer assignment, will transfer to the new class. 

    -If you enroll at Coppinville Junior High between July 30 and August 7, you are still required to read the novel and complete both Assignment #1 and Assignment #2. It will be helpful to fill out Part 1 and Part 2 (assignment #1), but it is not required. Your assignment will be due on August 28. If you enroll after August 7, you assignment is due three weeks from the first day of class/enrollment.