• Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

    I create a class mission statement with my students at the beginning of every year. So, stay tuned for this....

    Otherwise, the 6th-grade teachers utilize a "Character Card" to monitor and reward the choices students make at school. If a student does not follow the class mission statement, this card is signed by the teacher. Consequences are assigned in the following order: warning, second warning, silent lunch, parent contact, silent lunch while writing a reflection, office referral. 

    Students who choose to follow the mission statement, and subsequently do not have their card signed, are rewarded at the end of each nine weeks. Teachers are always looking for positive examples of students showing true leadership. 

    Parents: please ask to see this card on a regular basis. 

    Character Card

    To regularly communicate with parents concerning student progress, Wednesday folders are set home weekly. These folders contain student work for the week, as well as other important information (i.e. field trip information, school activities, community opportunities, progress reports, etc.) Parents are asked to sign the back page of the folder, stating that they have reviewed the work with their child.  Students are required to return their Wednesday folder with the graded work no later than Friday of the same week. 


    1st and 2nd Semester Wednesday Folder Signature Sheet  


    I also have a class syllabus that outlines the expectations for science and social studies class this school year. Please view this information and reference it throughout the school year. 


    Mrs. Zalanka's Class Syllabus