Bus Routes

Bus # Driver Area Served K-6 7-8 9-12
07-10 Willie Haigler PM ROUTE FOR WOW STUDENTS
08-18 Debbie Galligan County Rd 600, 601, 602, 606, 683, Airport Mobile Home Park EEEC / PD CJHS EHS
08-19 Mary Lou Sawka Indian Lakes, Choctaw Rd, Silver Oak Dr, Wildwood Dr, Morgan Ln, (DJHS ONLY ) DJHS
08-20 Mark Savage Phyllis Ave, Center St, Averett Rd, Michael Ln, Ashley Ln EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
08-21 Joi Howell Rock Head Rd, Salem Rd, Turtle Back EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
08-22 Amanda Walker Oliver Dr, Lake Hill Dr, Dixie Dr EEEC / HCE DJHS EHS
09-24 Keith Lewis Country Club, The Legends (NOT Mullholland & Central Park Circle) EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
09-25 Remo Fischer Richard Dr, Eagle Bend Subdivision, Copper Creek, Freedom Heights EEEC / HCE DJHS EHS
09-26 Jerry Byrd Freedom Dr (Headless Horseman), Co Rd 704, Sleepy Hollow, Rolling Pines, Scotty Ln EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
09-27 Janice White Pittman St, Damascus Rd (inside bypass), Fairfield Estates, Damascus Apts, (K-6 ONLY) EEEC / HES
09-28 Melinda Waldner Sommer Brook Farms EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
09-29 Charles Forehand Indian Lakes, Choctaw Rd, Silver Oak Dr, Wildwood Dr, Barbara Dr, Morgan Ln, (EHS ONLY ) EHS
09-30 Tim Walton Westview Park, Lowery St, West Adams, South Carroll St, Fleming St, Lowery St, West Watts EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
09-31 Sonya Yost Currington Farms, The Ridge, Porter Lunsford Rd, Co Rd 702 EEEC/ HHE DJHS EHS
09-32 Janet Corneil Pinebrook Mobile Home Park, Dogwood Acres, Commons Dr. EEEC / HCE DJHS EHS
09-33 Jason Flowers Stonechase Subdivision, Hwy 27 South, South of Battens Cross Roads, Co Rd 715, 708, 709, 744 EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
09-34 Marianne Owens Hwy 134 East, Coppinville Rd, East Dr, Paul St (K-6 ONLY) EEEC / RBE
09-35 Rita Strickland Rice Circle, Dale Co 114, Joe Bruer Rd, Groner St, Z St (ALL LETTER STREETS) EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
10-36 Cathie DeLeon Oakridge Subdivision, Hwy 92, Hwy 85, Hwy 167 South, Co Rd 721 & 719, Edgewood Dr, Byrd Dr EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
10-37 Justin Hornsby Freedom Dr @ Jackson's Crossing, Southern Winds, Claremont, Concord, Wingate EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
10-38 John Holmes Dale Co 1, Bama Ln, Oak Lake Sub, Hillview Mobile Home Park, Valley View Sub EEEC/ RBE CJHS EHS
10-39 Liz Jones Club View Estates, The Legends (ONLY Mullholland & Central Park Circle) EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
10-40 Billy Pruitt Heritage Heights, Quail Hollow, North Springview EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
10-41 Jackie Bailey Co Rd 156, Shell Landing East, Faye St, Mullins St, North Main St EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
10-42 Betty Winburn Shellfield Rd, Huntington Subdivision, Shawnee, Black Hawk, Red Hawk EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
10-43 Gloria Hylton Yellow Leaf, Briarwood, Doe St, Antler Dr, Lightfoot Dr (7-12 ONLY) CJHS EHS
10-44 Danny Byrd Legacy Farms (K-8 ONLY) EEEC / HCE
10-45 Angela Scarbrough Ashley Park / Geneva Hwy, Tartan Pines, College St Ext., Meredith St EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
10-46 James Brackin Endale Estates (7-12 ONLY), Dale Co 1 South from Hwy 134/84 to Hwy 92, Pig Pen Rd, Private Rd 1709 @ Hwy 134 EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
10-47 Joel Snell Holiday Village Mobile Home Park, Lowe Dr South, Lindberg Dr, Mitchell Ave EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
11-68 Angela Henderson Wellston, West Kingswood, Windsor Gardens, Stratford Ln, Eagle Landing Town Homes EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
11-69 Mary Davidson Ft. Rucker / Red Cloud Rd @ Olsen, Galt & Boyce, Boyce Pl @ Ames (EHS ONLY), Legacy Farms (EHS ONLY) EHS
11-70 Flozell Murphy Endale Estates (K-6 ONLY), Three Notch Rd, Co Rd 709, Southern Plantation EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
11-71 Kathleen Ivey Heron Cove Apts. / 2 Routes (1st K-6) (2nd 7-12) EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
11-72 Bettina Fischer Valley Stream & Valley Chase EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
11-76 Ken Smith Erin, Pierce, Bird, Merritt, East Grubbs, Larkin, Rosewood, Highland Dr EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
11-77 Lola Benson Hwy 167 South to Dale Co 1 to Bellwood Rd & Co Rd 722, Dupree Point EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
11-78 Russell Jones Dale Co 445, Joe Bruer Rd, Hannah Dr, Maree Rd, Trent Rd, Co Rd 705 EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
11-79 John Griggs West College & Waters, Byrd, Ann, Kate, Jones, Doster, S Reed, Crawford & Grimes EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
11-80 Jesus San Incencio Apache Dr, Navaho @ Dixie, Castle Ridge Apts., Village Heights Apts., Brookdale Apts, Champions Church @ Apache Dr(K-6 ONLY) EEEC / HCE
11-81 Pace Peters Gateway Estates, Hwy 167 North EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
14-84 Shari Hambleton South Springview, New Horizon MHP, Augusta Dr, Fountain Crest Sub, Freedom Dr @ Hampton Lane EEEC / RBE CJHS EHS
14-85 James Crockrell Martin Trailer Court, Pittman St, Damascus Rd (inside bypass), Fairfield Estates, Damascus Apts, (7-12 ONLY) DJHS EHS
14-86 Johnathan Clark Azalea Commons, Glenn, Speigner, Goodson, Crawford, Grimes, W Hildreth, Bell St EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
14-87 Paul Dalrymple Hwy 27 South / Boll Weevil Circle to Battens Crossroads, Ambrose Jones, Auburn Dr, George Wallace Dr EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
14-88 Bob Ehlers Scottsdale Heights, Ridgeway Dr, Emerald Dr, Fox Hill, Victoria, Wooddale EEEC / HCE DJHS EHS
15-89 Sophia Threadgill Johns Chapel, Wilkerson, Sconiers, Bell St, Donnell Apts, Bellwood & GeorgeWallace, Bell St & Ford Aly EEEC / PDE CJHS EHS
15-90 Tim Gardner Mill & Carr, Mell & Quida, Sunny South Trailer Park (K-6 ONLY) / Apache Dr @ Brookdale Apts, Apache @ Champions Church (7-12 ONLY EEEC / HHE DJHS EHS
16-91 Linda Turner North Side of College St, East Lee St, West Adams, Brunson, Mack, North Rawls, EEEC / HES DJHS EHS
16-92 Bill Bailey Ft. Rucker / Red Cloud @ Boyce (CJHS ONLY), Ames @ Boyce (CJHS ONLY), Artillery Rd (7-12) CJHS EHS