2020-2021 Bus Routes

Bus No. Driver Route K-6 7-8 EHS
19-114 Keith Lewis Country Club, Country Club Estates, 27 North, Legends (1/2) EEEC / HOLLY HILL DJHS EHS
19-115 Remo Fischer Meriweather, Copper Cove, Freedom Hts, Eagle Bend, Fox Chase, Lowe, Dale Ave EEEC / Rucker Blvd. CJHS EHS
19-116 Jerry Byrd Courtyard Way, Achey, Freedom Dr, 737-738-739-740, Madison Apts, Scotty Ln, Rolling Pines, Lock n Load EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
19-117 Devane Motley EEEC & HES ONLY / Stonewall, Donald, Damascus, Dominey, Pittman, Jasmine, Fairfield, Cambridge, Winterberry Way, Westfield, Cody EEEC / HILLCREST N/A N/A
19-118 Melinda Waldner Sommer Brook / The Lakes EEEC / HOLLY HILL DJHS EHS
19-119 Charles Forehand Chickasaw, Choctaw, Iroquois, Natchez, Morgan Ln, Christopher, Barbara, Silver Oak, Wildwood, Oakland, Broken Arrow, Key Bend, Mockingbird, Robin N/A N/A EHS
19-120 Sherry McKenzie W College, Mini Park (Westview), Falcon, Lowery, Nann, Watts, W Adams, Warren, Fleming EEEC / HILLCREST DJHS EHS
19-121 Melinda Achman Currington Farms / The Ridge EEEC / Hillcrest DJHS EHS
19-122 Janet Corneil Co Rd 124 @ Dogwood Acres, 3949 Rucker Blvd @ Pinebrook MHP, Ridgeway, Woodberry EEEC / HARRAND CREEK CJHS EHS
19-113 Rocky Rodgers 610-636, Hwy 27 South, 711-708-744-709, Stone Chase EEEC / PINEDALE CJHS EHS
09-34 John McCrummon Coone, E Park, Gilmore, Greentree Apts, Paul, Coppinville, Virginia, Nance Cir, Rogers EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
09-35 Rita Strickland Letter Streets, Groner, Ann, Mike, Joe Bruer, Rice, Co Rd 1, Grantham Cir EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
10-36 Cathie DeLeon Dale Co 1 @ Hwy 92, 719-731-721@1706, Oak Ridge EEEC / PINEDALE CJHS EHS
10-37 Nelson Duque Jacksons Crossing, Freedom Dr @ Southern Winds, Wakefield, Camden, Claremont, Winthrope, Concord, Wingate EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
10-38 John Holmes Dale Co 1, Oak Lake, Spearhead, Southern Plantation, Valleyview, Hillview MHP, PR 1428-1429 EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
10-39 Willie Haigler Clubview, Tracy Cir, The Legends (Mullholand, Bleeker, Central Park Cir, Scenic) EEEC / HOLLY HILL DJHS EHS
10-40 Jon Styler Washington, Heritage, Independence, Achey, Morningdove, Sparrow, Brad Rocky Branch, Quail Cv, N Springview EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
10-41 Jackie Bailey Shell Landing (Sonya, Hayley), Co Rd 156 & 157- Boy Scout Rd EEEC / HILLCREST DJHS EHS
10-42 Johnny Bryant Chinook, Shawnee, Redhawk, Blackhawk, Raven, Huntington, Trenton, 2061 Shellfield, Green, Caylor, Oakridge EEEC / HILLCREST DJHS EHS
10-43 Tim Walton N. Quida, 507 Glover Ave. (Garden Oaks), Grubbs, Rosewood, Highland Dr., Bird, Law, Friendship EEEC / HILLCREST DJHS EHS
10-44 Danny Byrd Legacy Farms EEEC / HARRAND CREEK CJHS N/A
10-45 Angela Scarbrough Tartan Pines, 2101 Geneva Hwy, Pinewood, Pinecrest Loop, W College St, Meredith, EEEC / PINEDALE CJHS EHS
10-46 James Brackin PR 1709 @ Hwy 134, Brandy Ln @ Co Rd 1, Co Rd 102, Pig Pen, Co Rd 1, Grantham Way, Sayles, Endale Estates (4-12) EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
10-47 Joel Snell Lowe Dr, 4592 Rucker Blvd (The Blvd. Apts), 4800 Rucker Blvd (Holiday Village), Red Barron, Lindberg, Mitchell EEEC / RUCKER BLVD. CJHS EHS
11-68 Angela Henderson 1440 Shellfield Rd, Eagle Landing, Creeke Ln (Duplexes), Beam, W Kingswood, Wellston, Creek, Wentworth, Windsor Tr, Arlington, Stratford, Fernway EEEC / HOLLY HILL DJHS EHS