Children Without Fund

  • Most children approach a new school year with anticipation and high expectations.  Having new clothes, shoes, and adequate supplies makes the dawning of the first day of school even more exciting.  For children who face the possibility of not having new clothes or adequate supplies, the beginning of the school year is simply life as usual -- not having the things needed to experience success.  For these children, the looming question often becomes why try once the bell rings?

    You can inspire hope in these children through The Children Without Fund.  This fund helps to provide basic necessities for children.  Tax dollars cannot be spent to meet these needs.  Gifts are the life line of The Children Without Fund.  People, like you, through generous giving have ensured that students excel.  If you will share, please send your tax deductible gift to:


    The Children Without Fund
    c/o Mr. Zel Thomas
    P.O. Box 311790
    Enterprise, AL  36331


    Thank you for partnering with Enterprise City Schools in meeting the needs of children.