EEEC Media Center

  • Our Mission Statement

    "Our library is commited to providing quality print and electronic resources while fostering information literacy skills through effective research and retrieval as well as developing a lifelong love of reading."

    As educators at EEEC, we have the unique privilege of having students in their first year with the Enterprise City School System.   One of our goals at EEEC is to encourage a love of books and reading in our kindergarten students.  We want their first school experience to offer a lifetime of good memories about school, reading, and books that will stay with them long after they leave elementary school.

     Visiting the media center should be a time the students look forward to; a time to enhance their natural curiosity.  All kindergarten classes come to the media center once a week for 45 minutes.  During their weekly visit we have story time, participate in STEM activities, check out a book, and work in centers.  Students choose their center each week and some of the center choices are computers, magnatiles, Lego's, maker space, keva planks, art center, reading center, etc.   Students begin checking out books in October after they have learned about book care and the use of the library.  Students may check out one book at a time.  Our technology emphasis includes 8 student computers and a Trutouch big screen computer.  We also house 60 iPads in the media center that teachers check out quite often for student use.  We want students to feel confident in using the library when they move on to their next elementary school. 

    Now is the time to build the reading habit, so join your child in a reading adventure!  Students are encouraged to read 100 books at home (with a family member) during the year.  A yellow reading *log* will be sent home in September.  Once the card is filled with 100 book titles, it is turned into the media center.  The reader receives special recognition during their class media time and receives a certificate along with a sticker.  Look for more information about this exciting adventure in September!

    There is always work to do in a media center!  Our volunteers are an important part of our program.  Parents and others who would like to volunteer and help re-shelve books, help students, organize materials, and help with special projects would be greatly appreciated!  If you would like to join our volunteer program, please let me know! 

     The Library Media Center supports the Alabama State Course of Study, the basis of our school curriculum program, and the Information Literacy Skills published by the American Association of School Librarians and the American Library Association.

    To view EEEC's book collection, check out OPAC where you can search our library for books!

    Click here to learn more about Mrs. Cotter, the media specialist.